​Acoustic Cardiography

As cardiac patients cycle through the continuum of care, the need and opportunity for hemodynamic assessment is created in each environment, and Inovise Medical has developed the AUDICOR technology, based on principles of Acoustic Cardiography, to fit with the specific needs in each those clinical settings.

Acoustic Cardiography combines the time-proven, classic concept of auscultation with state-of-the-art, proprietary techniques for simultaneously recording, documenting and analyzing contemporaneous digital ECG and cardiac acoustical data associated with normal and abnormal cardiac function.

Unlike other cardiac diagnostics that focus on either the electrical or the mechanical capabilities of the heart,Acoustic Cardiography analyzes both aspects of the heart function concurrently. The combination of recorded Heart Sounds and ECG data constitutes a set of diagnostically orthogonal data, which increases the value in diagnostic and prognostic assistance​ to clinicians. Further, Acoustic Cardiography allows  continuous simultaneous recording of Heart Sounds and ECG data over short, intermediate and long periods. This permits the use of Acoustic Cardiography in a vast variety of cardiovascular monitoring modalities, and enables consistent​ guidance in in-patient, out-patient and ambulatory environments.

Accordingly, Acoustic Cardiography has demonstrated clinical utility by facilitating the assessment of left ventricular cardiac function in many areas of disease management, in particular, the clinically and economically challenging area of Diagnosis and Management of Heart Failure. Through determination of key associated parameters, Acoustic Cardiography recordings have been shown to be accurate and cost effective tools for the diagnosis of decompensating Heart Failure; the prognosis of hemodynamic stability after discharge; and the titration of Heart Failure therapy options.